March 19, 2013

Live Experimental Audiovisuals

Nothing captures your attention more than when the majority of your senses are being put to the test.  When you are given the choice to choose where you want to divide your attention, your brain will likely structure one sense to have dominance over another (ie. sight over sound) – and when your life depends on it, these sense are automatic.  A good example is driving.  When you drive, your sense of sight take priority over everything, but your sense of sound can also be alarming when the sound of a honking horn is heard, and even the smell of gasoline or burning rubber can trigger the nose.

When we listen to music, it is often hard to visualize.  More often than not, music is accompanied by a feeling more than an image, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do well when paired with images.  Visual artist have found out that a synchronized display flows well with a song and effectively traps the listener into indulging in both sight and sound at the same time.  This type of immersion is what gives cinematic movies such an edge.  Modern DJs are becoming wise to this fact and are incorporating visuals in their shows now.