March 19, 2013

Bryston Model T Floorstanding Speaker

The world of high end audio can be ridiculous and pricey from an outsider’s perspective.  It’s is probably a good thing that most of us don’t know what good audio actually sounds like because if we actually had a taste of it, we might never want to go back to our old setups.  The average DJ can expect to spend a decent amount of cash on their speakers, whatever type they may be.  A good pair of monitoring headphones can run up to three hundred dollars.  That’s not much.  Step up to a good pair of near field monitors and you can easily take that cost up to a thousand dollars.  But even that is chump change when compared to the cost of a good pair of loud speakers.

The price will continue to rise form there once the technology becomes more sophisticated and less available.  A speaker company like QSC has to offer a good price point for consumers to buy at, without taking too much away from the quality, but high end manufacturers, who have less of a crowd to please, need to create something that is almost flawless.  When a speaker costs upwards of ten thousand dollar, then you fall into this category of flawlessness.