March 20, 2013

Cut your own vinyl

One reason why DJs are so adept at switching to new techniques and new types of media is because they are lazy.  But don’t take that as a shot against DJs, because most people are lazy as well.  What I mean by lazy, is that we want to be able to do more with less; and find a way to avoid the busy work or monotony that we endure on a daily basis.  Mp3’s and digital music really make it extremely easy to copy and alter music.  Remember when we had to burn CD’s to copy and transport music?  It seemed like such a pain in the ass sometimes, and it was not because the process was hard – it was just unrewarding.

A burned CD could not be re-burned by a standard reader (unless it was a certain type), and the CD itself was prone to breaking and warping.  Now, imagine if you wanted to achieve the same thing, but with vinyl records.  It would be a painstaking task in comparison to burning CD’s, but I think the end result would have much more value than the average CD – and that’s because making a record is not only hard, but expensive.