March 20, 2013

Numark Mixtrack Pro II Controller

Numark has more than enough products to choose from, in fact, too many.  If you’re only going to buy a pair of Numark turntables, then your choices will be narrowed down to little more than what can be counted on two hands.  But if you’re going to buy your first controller with very little knowledge of what is out there, Numark’s variety can be overwhelming.  Just look at the Mixtrack line of controllers – how can you know which is a better deal, other than by using the price?  One thing that can be said about Numark products in general, is that the second edition of any product is usually a large improvement over the first.

Numark’s first controllers were chock full of problems, or at least complaints from DJs.  The tactile feeling of the buttons is still the subject of many arguments over Numark products.  They certainly aren’t going to be as good as what you would find on a MPC-500 or a DDJ-SX, but they should at least be useable.  Also, the jog wheel was a bit of a concern on the first model; it was too big and often in the way.  This second version decreased the size of them to something more usable.