March 20, 2013

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX

Any conscious shopper out there should be thankful of the many resources we use to find the right product we need, and obtain the best deal.  If we were stuck in 1980 without the internet, there would be little that could be done about “finding” the best deal.  It would consist of walking from store to store, asking the best price.  Besides the ability to actually shop for good deals, and even on used equipment, one thing the internet has brought us is knowledge.  This one is the real winner.  By educating the masses about the differences in products, the manufacturers are forced to come clean; since their products will be put to the test.

Review websites like DJWorx are the great medium between the community, and the vendors who are trying to push out new products as fast as they can.  The industry needs a neutral medium and a safe place to discuss products and argue their differences – it is also much more reliable and genuine when the source is also open to differences of opinion.  There is one bad side to getting too big.  Once you get the attention of vendors and advertisers, the information may not remain unbiased.