March 20, 2013

Cerwin Vega P1500X Powered Speaker

Powered floor speakers are the tanks of the audio system.  These giants are heavy creatures who are built to take abuse – not just abuse from the soundwaves being forced from them, but actual physical abuse from drops and tumbles.  Let’s face it.  When you post up your loudspeakers fifty feet away from you there isn’t much you can do to protect them.  Maybe with a set of tripod legs you can keep them off of the floor, but eventually they’ll be knocked over with drinks spilled in them.  If it were sitting on your booth desk, this would never happen.

Because of this, loudspeakers aren’t built with luxurious vinyl fabrics or cloth – that kind of material would be destroyed after a few uses.  Instead, their boxes are built with materials that can handle a good fall, while providing the necessary acoustic properties as well.  The QSC K series speakers have a reputable design that is basic, yet perfectly usable in the real world.  The Cerwin Vega p1500x speakers also have this standard design.  It features a flat mesh screen which protects the speaker end of the two embedded speakers.  This way, even a face first tumble would result in a rolling motion rather than a dead thud.