March 22, 2013

Serato Icon Artist Series – Mike Relm

Running a successful business is much more than offering a great product or service.  Mind you, you need to have at least those two aspects if you want to achieve anything as a company – but you also need to create a culture that goes along with your brand.  Fortunately for DJ companies and gear manufacturers, it isn’t hard to find talented people who know how to use their gear.  Both Rane and Traktor have artists on each side of their camp who represent the different types of musicians active in the community.

One of the companies that has been very successful at representing their brand is without a doubt, Red Bull.  Think about what that means.  A soft drink company is now associated with sports such as free style motocross, and they have recently held competitions for competing DJs.  Oddly enough, DJing has never been regarded as a physical sport, yet is sponsored by a company whose message is to “give you wings”.  It is almost as if Red Bull just hosts competitions and showcase, and simply decided to sell soft drinks on the side.  Regardless, any company who wants to have value within a niche needs to have the proper artists representing them.