March 25, 2013

Beats To Cue: Using Traktor’s Countdown To Cue

Every DJ who stands behind a mixer and two decks has to understand numbers and phrases.  For someone who has never mixed a song before, the concept might seem confusing, but one you do it for a while it begins to feel natural and you’ll find yourself sensing the next phrase rather than counting it.  However, if you are one who spins songs that you aren’t familiar with – you might find yourself missing the correct phrase to mix with.  Luckily, there’s a button for that as well.  Mixing from chorus to chorus and verse to verse is an essential part of DJing.  Not every song follows the same format, but most of them are easy to detect.

A beginner DJ might actually spend time counting numbers out loud while they watch their DVS screen; I did, and I’m not embarrassed of it.  It helped me learned the mathematical side to music, and the fact that music could not survive unless it was mathematically sound.  Traktor offers a hidden gem, a tool to effectively countdown each phrase of the incoming track, so that you are well aware of when the end or beginning of a phrase begins.  It also has uses for veterans who want to get more creative while having to worry about less going on.