March 25, 2013

Xonetacular’s Guide To Buying Second Hand Technics 1200s

By today’s standard, turntables are bulky, heavy, and they take up too much space on the desk.  Transporting them around has to be a careful endeavor so that the sensitive parts of the tables aren’t disrupted.  Something as simple as a bend tone arm or flicked stylus can ruin your night.  It’s a wonder why we still use them today.  Conversely, they might be hard to maintain – but in comparison they are easy to repair.  If you have a CDJ-2000 and someone at the party spill a can of beer on to it – you may be “shit out of luck”.  There’s little that can be done to repair it unless you have some electrical engineering skills.

Turntables are nice because they are the sum of their components, which can all be repaired or replaced.  The hard part is getting one at a good deal, used.  Those who know little about turntables might not know what to look for in a used turntable – but if you score a used Technics 1200, you should be in pretty good shape.  Stanton and Numark both offer their updated versions of the direct drive table, and the high cost will usually be offset by the amount of time they are expected to last.