March 25, 2013

30 minutes with VirtualDJ 7.4 and ContentUnlimited

No matter what type of DJ you are and what type of gear you use, the basis of your entire job is your music.  The needle on the record may be a crucial item, as is your laptop – but all of that means nothing with the music to select from.  Currently we have many options to transport and store music; some of them being more popular than others.  The external hard drive is still king, as it allows more than one DJ to use the same laptop by simply switching out the external hard drive – and now that flash drives are getting more spacious, one does not need to carry around a drive the size of a travel bible.

Internal storage is of course faster than USB, but who wants to carry around a laptop with a hard drive full of music?  I think with cloud storage, we are getting to the point where data does not need to be stored locally, and can be retrieved from anywhere.  The newest Virtual DJ update, 7.4, includes a subscription to a cloud storage sever known as Content Unlimited.  As the name suggest, you can draw upon music files at a moment’s notice – something top 40 DJs will get a kick out of.