March 25, 2013

Serato vinils offically spelted rong

It is a rare that a large blunder of a spelling mistake is made at any company.  Sure, it happens all the time at the smaller level where nobody notices; a newspaper might have a few spelling errors or words completely omitted where they should be, but anyone who reads these errors knows what they meant to say.  Even with tools like spell check and grammar check, humans are bound to make spelling errors here and there.  No big deal right?  The problem is when this type of error is reproduced onto millions of products being sold.  Serato has made a booboo.

Serato’s latest batch of control vinyl must have been produced without a spell checker, or perhaps our eyes are too good at making connections that we refused to believe there was even a mistake at all.  The word “Official” in “Official Serato Control Vinyl” was actually misspelled and was missing an “I”.  Although this seems like a huge mess, Serato is selling these vinyls off for almost half off – and those who are lucky enough to grab one may very well have a limited edition piece of history in their hands.  I hope I can snag one of these before they go out of style.