March 25, 2013

MixVibes CrossDJ 1.1 — iPad gets killer key lock

If you have ever used a digital deck, maybe a CDJ variant or even a dual CD player combo – even the oldest of the models offer some sort of pitch or key lock, which should not be confused with tempo lock or quartz lock on turntables.  Tempo locking keeping this nice and even, and deter your platters’ motor from wowing and fluttering – but keylock is a true digital innovation, and can only exist on digital devices.  The problem stems from the need to pitch a song up or down slightly; the incoming track may be a few bpm’s short of the live track, so only a small adjustment needs to be made.  Once that track is pitched to match the tempo, the result changes the key of the song ever so slightly.  This is no big deal on a small scale.

However, once you speed a track up to more than 8 percent of what it originally was, you will begin to have more noticeable issues, like the vocals sounding like they’re being sung by chipmunks.  Key lock is used to keep the music in the same “key”, so that the tempo can be taken to new bounds and new heights.