March 25, 2013

Live DJ Remixing #1

Sampling is something that producers at home and in the studio are already aware of – it’s what makes their MPC a MPC.  But sampling in modern times goes past the idea of editing tracks on an alternate computer, only to use then live in a different machine.  With certain DVS features, a DJ can actually sample audio from their collection of music, without having to use a complicated editor.  What’s more is that these samples can also be banked and controlled by the same controller used to DJ.  A DJ can essentially produce music on the fly, using nothing more than what they already have – the trouble is that not many DJs will ever use the sampler for more than a few dings here and there.

Maybe it’s a DJ shout out or a reggae bell – but that might be the extent of it.

In order to really take advantage of sampling equipment like a Maschine, you have to explore your sample collection.  How you come to this collection is up to you; some can be bought en masses, while others are slowly created from clips and collections that have been browsed by you personally.  Either way, you need a decent pool to grab from, if you ever want to use the sampler properly.