March 27, 2013

5 Reasons To Organise Your Music Properly

Having a copious amount of music means that you’ll have a bigger selection of music to choose from when creating a mix, but it also means you’ll spend much longer trying to find the next track.  Even more, your memory will be tested to see if you can recall track names within a small frame of time.  You might look at a vinyl collector and wonder how they keep track of so many records; and it all comes down to the physicality of the record.  When you touch and feel a vinyl record sleeve, you get to know your collection more intimately.  Record crates are familiar when you start digging through them.

A virtual playlist might be easier to recall – but it might also be more difficult to remember where you stored a track based on the many subgenres and sub-playlists you may have made.  With a large enough collection stored digitally, it pays to find an efficient way to organize music.  Unlike a record or CD, a song can be recalled in a matter of seconds, not half a second like it might take otherwise.  Some may find iTunes annoying, but it has a remarkably good system of storing files.