March 27, 2013

How Do I Find Songs That Go Well Together?

There is a phrase that does not have an author, but it means a lot to any DJ who wants to make it big.  “Many will learn to beatmatch, few will become DJ’s.”  What this emphasizes is that the technique, while impressive and mysterious at the same time, is not what defines the DJ.  It is her or her ability to run a dance floor successfully and select the proper tunes.  A DJ can mix until the sun comes up, but simply choosing two songs from the same genre that have the same tempo doesn’t mean that it will automatically create a good mix.

Finding songs that go well together is a talent that has to be paid its dues.  It takes time to actually listen to music, to examine it and see what it is made of.  Casual listening doesn’t reveal enough about its track and whether or not it can be mixed with another.  Really, building a list of songs that blend well together will take time, and will only succeed by discovery or trial and error.  Once you begin to find a string of tracks that mix well in sets, keep them in mind whenever the tempo begins to drift in their direction.