March 28, 2013

JustGoMusic.com aims to syncronise your social networks

Any DJ who is trying to get a name for himself knows that there are two avenues that need to be explored.  The first avenue consists of the people he knows in person, and the people he would like to meet eventually.  This is the most direct form of networking and it is perhaps still the most powerful type of all.  When you’re spinning in a club for audiences you’re automatically submitting a live resume of the work you’ve done and the work you know how to do – this is why word of mouth has so much effect on the DJ; a resume on a piece of paper really means nothing in this industry.

The second form of networking involves social media, and this can get hairy real fast.  Odds are, you might belong to one or two networks – but you don’t know about everything that is out there.  It’s very hard to keep up on this, even if you’re technologically savvy.  JustGoToMusic.com aims to find a way to unite the different social media networks and other hosting websites like Soundclould.com.  The only thing that is missing is a crowd of people who are willing to embrace this new way of socializing.