March 28, 2013

SoundCloud More Affordable for Creators

When DJs need a place to host and store music files in large volumes, there are many places they can turn to, but only a few of them have it all down to a science.  Youtube can be considered the old standby when a video-less file need to be posted; the only trouble with that is the copyright concerns regarding music being used that isn’t yours.  It’s pretty annoying to say the least.  Even though you aren’t making any money off of the file that you posted, it will still manage to violate some sort of copyright law and you run the risk of getting that filed taken down.

SoundCloud, for a while, had everything running down to a perfect science.  They offered free file hosting for a limited amount of music for anyone that wanted to preview their service, and they also offered different levels of payments for those who wanted more storage than that.  The latest change to their service involves a change in tier strategy, so that pro users can afford to pay less money a month to host their files.  They still have the issue with automatic infringement tools being used, but that is another story altogether.