March 29, 2013

JACK for iOS: Audio and MIDI Between Apps

Musicians of all types that rely on virtual versions of hardware or scaled down versions of iOS software are getting acquainted with the idea of being able to connect programs together within the operating system.  It is not different than what can be done with DAWs like Ableton, except that it is much harder to do using Apple’s system structure.  Basically, it cannot be done without the use of another program to oversee the connections between multiple audio programs.  A little less than a year ago, Audiobus began picking software to add to their list of compatible apps, and although they are certainly better known that other similar apps out there, they aren’t necessarily the best.

Jack for iOS is touted to perform the same tasks, such as routing MIDI keyboard to a virtual keyboard and patching audio from one program to another – but it has one thing that Audio bus does not have – it’s free.  Yes, that’s right; they aren’t asking you for a penny to use the software.  As far as usage goes, it relies on visual feedback which actually shows the connections from one device to another, making it much easier to use than trying to sort through a list of commands.