March 29, 2013

Bowers & Wilkins Z2 iPod/iPhone Dock

Would any sensible buyer in their right mind spend a large chunk of cash on an iPhone speaker?  I’m not talking about those cheap twenty dollar portable speakers, I’m talking about those bedside docking stations where your iPhone charges.  You’ve seen them right – those oversized alarm clocks with towering speakers?  This is pretty much what I thought of them until I actually saw one put to good use.  It was a DJ friend of mine who had enabled them to receive wireless audio.  With that, he could DJ in his bedroom and the audio would be transmitted to any part of the house the speaker was rested.  It was a pretty cool deal.

The question is, how much is something like this worth?  Unfortunately, these units aren’t built cheap, even though they look relatively basic in design.  If Apple were to make a large one, it would cost nearly the price of a small computer, but Bower and Wilkins have done it with a slightly lower price tag.  The one thing that is stressed in this speaker is the audio quality.  Aside from looking like furniture in a modern art house, it actually  capable of handling small frequencies.