March 30, 2013

The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made at The Start Of My DJ Career

We often hear of the term “writer’s block”, and even though that seems very specific and explicit – the term can apply to just about anybody working in a creative field.  Writer’s block is not an external force and it doesn’t mean that the creative juices have ceased to exist – it means that the writer has mentally caused themselves to stop producing.  The key point here is that this is something that is brought on internally.  Once the writer figures this out, they can go back to being productive and know that it was all just an imaginary phase.  Musicians have this problem too and it has to do with the idea of success.

Whenever we start a new task or a new project we are already creating a mental picture of what it should turn out like.  This mental picture is a creation of our minds, based on everything we’ve seen and heard before.  If we do not feel like we can meet this expectation, then our work will not succeed and we will essentially be “stuck”.  We have to get off the idea of being perfect and having an innate ability in order to take the next step.