March 30, 2013

Gemini FirstMix Pro

Of all of the companies who are out there creating new and innovative DJ MIDI controller – Gemini is probably in last place considering all things.  It’s not to say that their products aren’t worth buying or taking a look at, it’s just that the controller market is heavily saturated to the point where innovation is left only for the guys who are already successful.  The ones who want to break into the field of controllers have to go with a recognized design and hope that they can pull the same thing off at a lower price.  Numark probably holds the record for having different levels of pricing for various MIDI controllers out there.  But Gemini is close behind.

With all of the commotion caused by ReLoop and their new controller, it’s a wonder that Gemini has even entered the game at all – but they have.  It started with the Gemini First Mix controller which many have never heard of.  It is as basic as it gets as far as a mixer is concerned and the jog wheels are far from sophisticated.  They’ve recently revamped the controller in the new “Pro” edition which looks much more apt and current in terms of looks.