March 30, 2013

Where Does Lil Wayne Belong?

In terms of rap and hip hop, how do you define the best rapper alive?  The criterion for this judgment parallels the same criteria for how we label DJs and musicians.  Obviously, short terms success does not mean much in this industry, and YouTube is full of one hit wonders and viral videos looking for overnight success.  To be a well known artist who is worthy of being called the best it takes more than producing music for the masses, you need to have influence.  Hip-Hop as a whole seems to have had a greater impact on modern day life than any other genre of music – you can tell if you look at the way people dress.  Clearly they aren’t wearing raver beads to school and work.

Lil Wayne may not be the most loved rapper, but he has been in the game for longer than most.  His career and personal life have been in the public eye, so we’ve been able to see just how human he can actually be.  His recent stints have landed him in the hospital, as his lifestyle seems to be catching up with him.  But even with all of the negativity, he seems to have fostered many styles that are relevant even now.