DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
April 8, 2011

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Review

At long last we have a Pioneer Serato Itch controller in the DDJ-S1. We reviewed it’s predecessor, the T1 Traktor Controller, and had a fun time with that beast so we knew a little of what to expect. The quality of the Pioneer Pro DJ products are considered to be the blue print by which other DJ product manufacturers strive to emulate. We were excited to see the DDJ-S1 arrive at the shop and quickly opened it as if it were Christmas morning. Check out the video below:

It maintains the same features of the T1 controller, the laptop dock, large CDJ style jog wheels, and the needle drop touch strip. You have 5 hot cues that coincide with those in Serato Itch and the FX section allows you to easily select and tweak the 12 outstanding effects within the software. You can select 2 effects to each channel, both to one, or to the maser output. The browse area with a nice bigger scroll knob and dedicated crate and file buttons combined with the alphabetical search on the needle drop strip allow for near flawless navigation of your music without ever having to touch your laptop. The line faders and cross-fader are of the same quality you expect from Pioneer’s DJM series mixers and you can adjust the cross-fader directly on the controller itself and in the Itch software if you want an even sharper curve for the turntablists. Overall the S1 played and felt very comfortable and accurately responded to every nudge and tweak when we ran it through the demo. The S1 by far would be the best controller if you’re transitioning from the standard CDJ and mixer set-up. Check out the video and stay tuned for our own Unique Artist DJ Smiles S1 demo coming soon. Cheers!


Hi this is Scott Magno DJ MadFlip here with and yes it has arrived, the Pioneer DDJ-S1, let’s have a look.
Right out of the box this is a great looking controller, it’s going to give you master outputs, both balanced and RCA. It’s going to give you two microphone outputs, XLR ¼ inch on one, ¼ inch on mic two.
Now the mic 2 input also serves as an auxiliary input with the RCA here. So if your software goes down, plug in an MP3 and boom!
EQ right here, volume control, to keep the party going. Alright, so we’ve got the CDJ section of it, jog wheels, nice touch sensitivity, rotation LED’s.
Transport section, great Pioneer quality that we’re used to. And we also have five hot cues on there, that coincides specifically with Serato Itch, that’s the Pioneer edition of Serato Itch, really nice.
Loop in and out, you also have your auto loop roll section right here, really nice to get that glitchy stuff done. Even cooler that you’ve got the slip mode function, where the track continues to go even if you punch in one of those glitchy little snare rolls, you don’t look like a rookie, you look like a really cool DJ.
So now we’ve got the needle search section right here, this means that we can scroll through touch pad, go to that build, go to that break down, there I am, ready to go.
It also serves, if you hit the shift button, as an alphabetical search for your software. Another reason why you don’t have to fumble through your laptop by using the laptop dock. That’s really nice and it makes you even quicker.
Alright, so moving on to the mixer section, good Pioneer DJM quality. You can adjust the crossfader here for your turntables, make it a little sharper. EQ, mids, highs, lows, you’ve got your trim knobs a little bit smaller. If you’re in a dark place and you need to find it, there it is.
Alright, so your effects section, you’ve got 12 different high quality effects on Serato Itch. Bank A, bank B. Select those to either both A, one on A one on B. I can also select those on the master and also on the mic if I want to put some delay onto my shoutout. Really nice.
Now, scrolling through your tracks is really easy on the Pioneer DDJ-S1. You’ve got the browse section here so you can go through, back button. And I can go to my crates and my files automatically too right there. Really nice layout.
If you’re a DJ who’s used to having turntables or CDJs and a mixer and you were thinking “I might need to switch to a controller” then this might be the one for you because this is virtually the same as having a pair of CDJs and a high quality DJM mixer.  So yes there it is the Pioneer DDJ-S1.
You know Pioneer is high quality, Serato Itch one of the most popular DJ softwares out there, we’re looking at a winner, I love it.
If you have any questions or comments about this I’ll be happy to answer them personally. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, on Twitter, and on the blog. I’m Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip. Be you, be unique, at


  1. Jeremy says:

    Random question, when you unboxed it did it come with different power adaptors so you can use it in different countries?

    1. Yes, it has an adapter to use in North America and overseas.