March 30, 2013

Sol Republic Master Tracks Headphones

Rarely do we see a new headphone design appear without it being tested to ensure that the general public will actually come to accept it.  This is not to say that there aren’t innovative designs out there waiting to discovered – it just that most DJs are weary of something flashy, and great claims about a headphone’s design don’t mean much until they are tested in the real world.  This is why Sennheiser HD-25 II’s have been so successful for this long.  Newer companies have been smart to follow the less is more design approach knowing that bells and whistles simply add to the list of things that can break or fall apart.

The TMA-1’s have a small following of users, and this is because the design is so simple.  Basically, there are no swivels or hinges that are normally associated with live DJing and cueing.  As nice as it is to be able to adjust the cups with only one hand, it isn’t worth having the swivels on them break off when dropped to the floor once.  This one piece design is something that will surely catch on when brands begin realizing that it actually works out well for the DJ.