March 30, 2013

Tunable For Android & iOS

One item that used to be sold that isn’t sold as much anymore, is the BPM counter.  This used to be sold as an entity separate from any FX unit or mixer.  It seems odd that there would even be such a use for this device today when the same can be done using a computer, as well as most DVS programs.  But for a short while I remember these hand-held BPM counters being available at most DJ stores and record shops.  The story of that can easily be compared to the story of the guitar tuner.  Guitarists still need to tune their guitar strings, yes, but the way they go about it is not the same.

Handheld guitar tuners, even the analog ones, were something to be admired.  No longer did you need to keep a piano around the house if you wanted to keep your guitar in check.  Fast forward to now, and the use of that has gone out the window as well.  We can easily go online to find an online tuner for free; best of all you can get an app on your phone to play the correct tuning frequencies in the palm of your hand.