April 1, 2013

Panoramic Wave Generator Inspired By Early Days Of Sampling

With generative music making programs and other audio affecting software, there have been many attempts to combine both audio and the visual together, but not in the direct way such as making a video or film – more in a passive way that helps us understand each a little better.  Nowadays, FX units are whittled down to basic controls, since the average user doesn’t want to fiddle with ten different settings to find the perfect “echo” effect.  Only when you delve into the settings using a DAW such as Ableton are you able to discover how an effect can be tweaked by messing with each individual parameter.

In the old days, even simple effects were expanded sometimes being able to lay the image of a sound across the entire keyboard.  In a way, it was like creating a visual wave of a single sound – except spaced so far apart that the sound could become distorted in ways that were never thought possible.  This Panoramic Wave Generator is a taste of the early days of effects, when the idea of a digital readout to correspond to an effect was unheard of.  Instead, each effect had to be parameterized for each specific situation.