April 1, 2013

A Producer Looks at Big Acts’ Live Laptop Rigs, Deadmau5 to FlyLo

There is something quite nice about actually using a pair of turntables to DJ.  Everybody gets to see the vinyl records spinning on the platters, they get to see it manipulated, and they get to understand that the music is actually being played with on the fly.  When mixing used to consist of actual vinyl records, it took much more effort to creatively mix between two or three different tracks at a time.  This is something that controller DJs will not have the benefit of.  The audiences really won’t know what is going on behind the booths, and for all they know the DJ is faking it from a prerecorded set.  This is not a good look.

In hope to deter this image of producers and controllerists “pressing play” a hip-hop producer has carefully listed out the rig of some top performing artists.  Among them include Deadmau5 and Flying Lotus and the sheer volume of the gear noted says that these artists must be doing something on stage and not just standing there all night with the next song ready to go.  Many of these artists in fact share the same types of gear such as FX units and Akai-like drum pads.