April 1, 2013

Midi Fighter Spectra Contest

There are many DJ controllers to choose from – so many that you will have a hard time picking one from the rest of the bunch.  It’s much like trying to find a toothbrush in the aisle of a store where there are 100 different types of brushes to choose from.   You have all tiers of controllers as well, from the ultra cheap to the uber expensive, each with their own rightful place in the industry.  There is a third party that many people overlook, which can be quite rewarding if embraced properly.  This is the do it yourself industry of controllers, where you buy a kit that comes with the correct pieces; you put it together.

Many DJs and Producers are already adept at the idea of tinkering with their gear, so a little solder and little bit of heat is no problem as long as it only needs to be done once.  Among these types of kits, the MIDI fighter has a small growing fan base.  The makers of the MIDI Fighter pride themselves on the build quality and the usefulness of the arcade style buttons (instead of what everyone else has to offer).  Now, if you can design a faceplate – you might get something out of it, like cash.