April 1, 2013

RHP-20 Knight edition

Headphone designers are getting closer and closer to creating the perfect set of head cans – but they are not there quite yet.  First, there is the issue of trying to please everyone who puts them on.  It isn’t going to happen.  If only we are all born with the same size ears and the same shape head, but we aren’t.  So there is no one-size fits all solution – but we are getting pretty close.  The other end of the deal is the price, and this is the real deal breaker.  We know that we can find the perfect set of headphones that has everything we would possibly need, as long as we pay top dollar for it.  This is the platform that Pioneer has setup for themselves – but there are other avenues to explore.

Reloop has made a name for itself by expanding horizontally within the industry.  Not only do they have their own set of headphones, they also make a DVS and a mixer to boot.  Their headphones, however, probably deserve the most attention due to their design.  They’ve managed to keep the sleek modern look while making sure that they won’t break when you sit on them.  And now they come in black as well.