April 2, 2013

MixVibes Says CrossDJ for iPad Has Best iOS Keylock

Believe it or not there are still many DJs out there who have no idea what keylock is or what it does – it has become something that DJs take for granted.  It’s somewhat like powered windows in a new car; if you’ve never had to roll the windows up and down manually, then it’s hard to imagine what it would be like without that automatic control.  Still, you can picture yourself trying to roll down the window smoothly, but not being able to.  This is sort of analogous to what the keylock does for DVS users (mainly Serato and Traktor).  The word keylock isn’t even mentioned with Serato’s GUI, it is simply denoted by the musical quarter note.

If you’ve attempted to work without keylock on you’ll notice some instant benefits and drawbacks.  The obvious drawback is of course that you matched tempos may not line up harmonically anymore, and any type of nudging to the record will be noticeable by the detuning sound it makes.  One benefit of not using the keylock is that it doesn’t drain as much CPU resources as it normally would.  There is a careful balance between the two and not all keylocks are the same.