DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
April 6, 2011

Novation Twitch For Serato Itch: Controllerism Is The New Black

Novation recently teased us with a video of a forthcoming controller they soon to release. It created quite a buzz and now it is official. The Novation Twitch has now been announced and many are calling this controller the “game changer”. Okay, yes I know. We have talked about controllers a lot it appears that we as a company are advocates and supporters of Controllerism. Believe me, we aren’t trying to pull any one away from their mixer and turntables or CDJs. Remember, I personally come from the old school and learned the art of mixing on the 12oo’s and used stickers and labels to create loops in the beginning. The truth is we support technology in the DJ/Remix world and controllers and controllerism are becoming a big part of it.

The Novation Twitch is unique because it ditches the jog wheels for 8 larger than average LED back-lit hot cue buttons. Now without a jog wheel this screams out to the controllerists that use a lot of beat grids and syncing that translate beautifully in Itch. The hot cues also seem to respond well in the video and are large enough to truly be played like an instrument which also suits the needs of the controllerist. There are also a multi-use touch strips on each deck that allow you to navigate through your track, gesture loops and measures, allowing you to improvise your performance. It also has fader FX for each channel as well as knobs on the Master FX section. This also allows for more creativity toggling and tweaking through both to take your sweeps and delays to another level. Another key feature that is very popular these days in electronic music is the loop roll. This allows you to set and release loops while the track continues to play, therefore maintaining the flow of the music similarly to Pioneers Slip mode.  You can use the touch strip to really tweak out the lengths for a very dynamic effect. The feature that I love the most is the slicer mode. Slicer mode allows you to “re-arrange your tracks while they’re still playing using a step sequencer-style user interface.” It is amazing.

The Novation Twich is used with Serato Itch in the video but can easily be mapped for Traktor and Ableton Live. We are definitely looking forward to getting one in soon so we can run it through our obstacle course and give you guys our own review. Until then check out the videos and let us know what you think.  Cheers!


  1. Jake Rosenbaum says:

    Great Post. Question; I am planning to eventually upgrade my set-up, obviously am still wavering between Serato and Traktor; however that is a separate issue. Is there any knowledge on if this can be used as an additional device to a setup (i.e., An NS6 as primary, and this to be used as an effects pad/sampler, mapping for a dedicated deck to be controlled by this device perhaps?). In my mind it should work seamlessly being that they are both itch interfaces, and I would like to still have the ability to use an NS6 for 4-channel mixing and scratching while retaining the slicing and other effects dedicated to this device. Also is there any news regarding a possible itch 2.0 update due around the time this device or the NS6 drops?

    1. Thanks for the comments, and that is a great question. The Twitch, like most controllers, is a midi device meaning in essence it can be completely mapped for whatever task required within the software. My concern is it’s ability to work in tandem with another controller like the NS6 within the same software. Itch doesn’t as of yet give you the same controller options that Traktor does within the preferences. Anything is possible but you would have to really put some time into developing the right .tsi in order for both to work flawlessly for your application. It might be easier if the NS6 allows for the 2.0 update of Itch. That most likely will happen from what I’ve seen. I hope this helps. Cheers!

  2. I really like the design.
    This piece of gear could potentially motivate me to take the controllerist route :-)
    Can’t wait to see your video review.