April 2, 2013

The 3 Big Assumptions That Nearly Destroyed My DJ Career

It’s not hard to imagine that anybody who picks up a guitar or a set of turntables has a slight dream of making it big.  What is it happened?  What is you practiced every day, made the right connections, networked well, and willed your way to success?  Most of us, however, know that this is not reality – and that few will ever make it “big” in this industry.  But even if you’re not looking to ride the wave of success and fortune, there are actions that will predict the rest of your DJ career.  If carefully examined, you can learn how to avoid the huge mistakes that claim so many egos in the industry.

One problem any DJ has it learning how to please the crowd.  As the saying goes, “You can’t please everyone!” You’ll need to come to some sort of compromise between you and the crowd.  Often a DJ will ride the wave of positive feedback from dropping the correct song at the precise moment – but this type of energy is short lived.  You must learn to handle the low points of DJing without letting it affect your overall attitude towards the art.  There are plenty of jaded DJs out there who did not follow this rule.