April 2, 2013

Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer Review

In an age where electronic music instruments are produced at a high rate where the price of these instruments simultaneously soars beyond belief, making the decision to purchase a synthesizer becomes tougher and tougher.  I believe that a synthesizer hold much more personal value than a lifeless DJ controller.  A synth that can act on its own without the use of a computer speaks volumes about the state of music making we are currently in.  However, because of the high value placed on synthesizers, I understand why many choose to buy a cheaper controller while sparing themselves the hardship of maintaining a full blown synthesizer.

Another trouble with synthesizers is finding out where it fits in to the entire situation.  If you own a car that suits your needs, you might buy new tires or get a new paintjob – but buying another car altogether will rarely help you out.  Why would anybody want to buy two expensive synthesizers that do the same thing?  Synths, just like any other commodity, can be arranged by order of importance; some of them will never elevated to a level that places them higher than a toy bought using a disposable allowance.