April 2, 2013

Numark Electrowave headphones

When you finally decide to put down real money on a pair of headphones, your decision will obviously cost you a pretty penny – but your options are narrowed down significantly.  There are many more headphone choices in the one hundred to two hundred range than when you go above, let’s say, the $350 range and up.  This is really good news for beginner DJs and DJs who don’t have much experience buying gear at all.  Really, even the worst pay of headphones from a reputable name will still deliver as expected; just don’t expect them to be completely comfortable while delivering stellar sound.  Still, they will do what you need them to do; which is cueing the next track about to be mixed.

Numark has had some experimental and odd designs in the headphone department – like the one ear cupped red-phone.  Even to a veteran these may seem gimmicky, but this does not mean everything Numark makes is a toy.  Their Electrowave headphones which were introduced in NAMM 2013 has most of the modern amenities we’d expect from a reliable set of earphones.  The swivels are based on large hinges, so that they will be more resistant from unexpected pressure and the head strap looks pretty cushioned.