April 2, 2013

How To Pack a (Digital) DJ Bag

You know that feeling when you pack for an outing or a trip, and you’re not ten miles away from the house before you realize that you have forgotten something important, like the plane tickets? Everybody experiences that type of problem where the piece that is missing is the most important piece out of the entire kit.  It sucks, but it happens, and the only way to prevent this from happening is to be meticulous when you pack.  Yes, it does pay to be organized sometimes; even you never make playlists or plan out your night behind the decks.  I once, as a mobile DJ, remembered to pack everything except for the most important part, the needles for my decks.

If you want to avoid this last minute frustration that can really rack the nerves, prepare by printing out a formal list of supplies needed.  Best of all, this list can be saved and reprinted out as needed, so that you never need to make one again.  It also pays to organize your storage compartments in your bag, so that there will be a place for everything, and for everything a place.  Putting gear in their own smaller packages, like a case for your headphones ensure that the transition from the bag will be nice and smooth.