April 6, 2013

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, HDJ-500 and Neo cables

While on the subject of giving things away and getting free items as prizes, has anyone ever actually won something worthwhile?  The phrase “Many will enter, few will win” is something we hear on the radio all the time – it’s annoying.  But for those few that have won something, does that mean their luck has run out and they will never win again?  I’ve been lucky enough to win a prize or a raffle here and there, and all the times that I actually won, I never expected to or wanted to win badly.  The times I wanted to win, I naturally did not.

The prizes I have won have actually turned out to be useful.  If I could go back and change the prize, I would not.  One of my favorite items that I’ve won was an Odyssey multifunction backpack that is meant to hold a lot of things.  It can actually be used to hold vinyl records without bending the sleeves, but I seem to use it more for cabled.  Now, my XLR cables can be wrapped perfectly without any bending or kinks, and there is always a spot to put a microphone when I can pull it out whenever I want.