April 6, 2013

Easter Fun: DJ Heads Video

People tend to think that having a good competition brings out the best in people, allowing them to rise to the occasion – but in the world of DJing it is very possible that the opposite is also true.  It is a sad fact that when equipment prices drop and the market is saturated with too much gear, the pool of talent will grow bigger – but it will also fill with less talented people.  I have no qualms about that – but there are too many DJs with an inflated sense of self worth.  Basically, where did all the talent go?

Head to any online DJ competition and you won’t be surprised to hear every DJ sounding the same.  It’s like they all have the same battle records and the same coach telling them what to play for the audience.  The true pioneers and innovators in the scene are now few and far between.  When it was just down to two tables and a mixer, there was much more talent at every competition – DJing in this manner is just that much more difficult.  Guys like the Scratch Perverts may not be on the scene anymore but at least their work is still around for people to understand.