April 7, 2013

Vinyl Purchases On Amazon Now Include Free Digital Copy

Although not a company that rings bells when the word “digital music” comes up, Amazon is quickly become a forerunner in the digital music purchases industry.  They have a decently size pool or songs which covers the most well known and even some of the hard to find as well.  The best part is that the process of buying and downloading a song is very simple.  It is so simple that it even rivals the need to locate and download a pirated version of the copy.  Why go through all the trouble of downloading a song when you can actually purchase a good copy of it?

The decision to choose vinyl over digital is not an easy one to make – even those of us that want a hardcopy of the song would also like to have a digital copy as well.  Now Amazon has made the decision even easier, offering the digital file whenever you buy the vinyl record.  This eliminates the need for redundant purchases or even worse, having to rip audio from vinyl records (who wants to do that anyways?).  Kudos to Amazon for being forward thinking and streamlining the process of buying music.  Perhaps it might even boost vinyl sales.