April 7, 2013

Pioneer’s DJC-WeCAi

You can’t do much without the proper wire these days.   Wire is probably the worst word I could use to describe a cable, since a cable is so much more than that.  Years ago, audio enthusiasts were building their own speaker boxes and were finding ways to get around the high cost of components.  The same wire that could be used to light up a house lamp could also carry the sound to speakers.  This sounds nice, but it is not the norm anymore.  Cables for audio are very specific and can alter the quality of your music depending on your individual needs.

USB cables, however, can be very generic – and one cable bought at a cheap price may very be just as useful as the one rebranded into a pretty package with pretty colors.  Some devices, like an iPad tablet, make it very hard to use standard cables.  What’s more is that when a USB cable is used in their 30 pin adapter it prevents the user from charging the unit at the same time, which is no good for long performances.  This new dual USB cable from Pioneer looks to solve that problem – but not without a Pioneer price.