April 9, 2013

iLine Mobile Audio Cable Set Now Available

You know what is the bane of all annoyances?  Head down to your local club and bring your DJ gear to the booth – you might notice that the mixer they are using is not like the one you use at home.  It might have the same amount of buttons on the surface and a way to cue the incoming track, but the plugs and connections used on the mixer might be totally different.  There is nothing worse than not having the right cable to plug your headphones into when the night begins.  Sometimes you even have to play doctor and find a way to patch cables together to get them to work.  It’s never pretty, but it has to work if nothing else.

There have been a few attempts to bundle different connectors together in a single package, but rarely has it been focused on the DJ and what they specifically need.  I’ve seen power cables or usb cables sold in box sets to fit any type, but never have I seen phono cables marketed towards DJs in pretty packaging.  IK Multimedia, makers of all peripherals for iOS DJs, has now packaged these things together in one place so you can rest easy with any gear you encounter.