April 9, 2013

The Ableton Push Prototype Was Made Of LEGOs

Before any type of gear is manufactured it obviously has to pass the drawing board test.  This is when something goes from theory to design, and it is one of the most frustrating processes for any designer or engineer.  Imagine spending hard time trying to come up with a great idea, only to have it smashed to bits by an executive who doesn’t like the way it looks.  Some designs do not start this way, however.  Often a design is thought up and formulated as a physical object before the design constraints are ever considered.  This is when form is given more thought than functionality – but this is not as bad as it seems.

Early cars get modeled in clay before they are ever drafted to a technical piece of paper.  Sometimes splines and molds have to be created by hand, before a computer gets the chance to place exact measurements.  Could this be the case for the Ableton Push?  Did creators actually try to make a makeshift model before bringing it to the drawing board?  I find it odd that anyone would suggest this idea, especially when it is the company’s first entrance into the hardware market.  I hope nobody gets fooled by this.