April 9, 2013

BeatCleaver 1.3.0 Lets You ‘Cut Up Beats Beyond Recognition’

Native Instruments has made it a point to see that Traktor be used to its fullest ability inside the iOS and the iPad.  When a piece of software that typically runs on an external soundcard and controller (or digital decks) gets ported to a virtual only device, something has to be done to ensure that it is not seen as a flat piece of paper.  Obviously, trying to cram too much functionality in a small space is just as bad as not having enough, and the navigation would suffer, therefore, the solution would be to make use of what is already on the screen.  Fingertips can be used just about anywhere on the Traktor app to cut and mash music – making it a worth app to own.

The same type of music manipulation has its uses outside of the DJ arena.  This neat little app (although not very neat looking) allow you to do just that.  It takes a piece of audio in wave form and applies effects to slow it, stretch, burn it, and perhaps cook it.  I’m not sure what would be created from it, but rest assured – there is someone out there who will make good use of it.