April 9, 2013

The Acidtribe Plus

The Korg Monotribe is one of these odd devices that bring charm as a centerpiece on any coffee table.  Best of all, it much more than a conversational item – it can actually make music.  It’s hard to believe, but the idea of a small music box could not be better represented than by this device.  They are not super expensive or technologically fragile either, so there is no need to dust it off every ten seconds for fear of it going kaput.  For those who have never used a ribbon device like it, once they use it they’ll realize just how physical of a machine it is – and it makes you wonder how anyone ever thought to use an instrument this way.

The real drawback with it is its lack of connectivity in the modern age.  I’m not talking about it including XLR connections on the back, but more about its lack of connectivity to digital devices.  There are many that won’t pull the trigger on one of these things because they are confined to live by themselves – but not anymore!  The Acidtribe is a one off design that gives the Monotribe connectivity and the ability to be used digitally.