April 9, 2013

Bhoreal: RGB Grid as Open Source Hardware

We would like to see unusual form become the norm of DJ equipment, but just like every other facet in life, the box wins.  Our houses are a gigantic box, our computer screens are box, and our cars are a box on wheels – naturally DJ equipment would be shaped as a box as well, right?  Maybe it is the golden ratio that draws us to perfect rectangles, but squares and square shaped units are just as desirable.  The Novation Launchpad is the perfect example of a squared device that comes symmetrically laid out on each side.  Producers and DJs love them and will continue to as long as we desire the box shape.

The Launchpad, and more specifically, its shape, is something of an old idea.  Controllers have actually been built in this design before, but at higher cost and by companies who cannot mass produce them as well.  Why should a single company own the rights to the idea of a box?  The Bhoreal RGB grid seeks to slash the ownership of the design, by offering an open source design for MIDI controllers.  It plays on the same square grid shape, so you can be sure that users will have an affinity towards it.