April 12, 2013


When it comes to cheaper and smaller MIDI controllers, Korg has a strong hold in this market – but let’s not confuse that with having a reputation for quality devices in this field.  When that MIDI controller you’ve set your sights on has a price tag below a hundred dollars, some alarm bells might pop-up in your head where you ask yourself, “Can this possibly be a worthwhile purchase?”  From the manufacturers’ perspective, many units need to be sold at this low price in order to turn a profit, so corners will have to be cut somewhere.

The first revisions of the Korg laptop controllers weren’t very spectacular.  People would beat up on them as if it were a MPC, and this would result in less than functional buttons/pads; sometimes they would cease to work altogether.  Since then, Korg has put a little more effort into these products, so that they didn’t become something disposable in the long run.  Their newest run of the MicroKey controllers come much sturdier as well as in a slew of different color configurations.  Their variety easily outmatches what Akai has to offer in the same size and pricing category.  I think I might pick one of these up.