April 12, 2013


It is safe to say that making music in 2013 is easier than ever – but let’s not confuse that with the idea that every track that is made in a bedroom is worth of being listened to.  When the pool or participants grows larger you will end up with a few that are on top of their game, only to have the majority riding coat-tails, hoping to get noticed.  Consider the guitar and guitarists, for example.  To even be competent with one, you need to have years of practice and experience.  By picking a guitar up today, you might learn a thing or two – but you will be far from where an experienced sixth grader is at.

This is not comparable to making music behind a computer.  The instrument itself is already taken care of – meaning that you only need to worry about the construction of music, rather than how to play the instrument itself.  As long as you have a powerful DAW, sample packs of audio can be injected into your workflow – each being specific to the type of music you want to play.  Want to make dubstep music?  There are tons of instrument packs available for you to work with.