April 14, 2013

Musikmesse 2013: Pioneer DJM-750 DJ Mixer

If you’re in the market for a serious four channel mixer; a mixer that is meant to act as the mainstay of our club setup – it would be foolish to not take a look at what Pioneer has to offer.  Truthfully, their equipment is expensive and it may be overkill for what many are trying to accomplish.  Other than having the ability to truly mess with and cue four channels independently, it also comes with a slew of effects that are much easier to activate when they are only inches from your mixer.  Even an aftermarket FX unit like the KP3 can be cumbersome when it comes time to mount it somewhere.

The DJM-750 was obviously created to fill a void between the ultra high priced DJM-2000 and something entry level.  As with all Pioneer products, the level of options in the mixer are usually tiered so that that it does not do as well as the next step up – but this DJM-750 being new, has some added features that even the top level DJM does not have.  Much work was put into the effects panel, gearing it towards mashing and cutting music in ways that were unimaginable when the DJM-600 used to be king.