April 16, 2013

Numark CDMix Bluetooth Previewed

As much as we love our fancy controllers and digital decks, there is still a need for dual CD type players – especially when they are packaged into one complete unit.  Many DJ’s roll their setups into a gig on a dolly, unloading them to span the length of a flat table.  All that is left is to arrange items at the proper height, along with a nice laptop stand or external screen that allows the monitor to sit at eye level.  What these guys forget is that many systems aren’t as flexible and need to be compressed into some sort of rack mount on wheels.  These mounts usually house much more than a few digital players – they might even house a large mixing board and amp.

The Numark CDMix seems archaic in the world of digital decks and MIDI controllers, but there are many DJ’s who have spent their lives collecting and formatting playlists on CD’s.  They aren’t about to switch over to a purely computer based setup and ignore all of their previous hard work, put into labeling and organizing CDs.  What makes this CD player different from any other dual deck is that it adds a third channel to stream wireless audio, much like an external RCA input on a standard mixer.