April 16, 2013

Novation Bass Station II Updates Classic Analog Design

If you are looking for a small portable keyboard synth that comes packed with many features you’d find on a larger model, your first guess may be to look for a Korg product.  After all, they engineered the microKorg which was to become the standard for many producers and music artists.  Since that time, the microKorg has seen many updates and revision – but even more compelling is the competition and what they have produced.  The original microKorgs has a lot of charm to them; they were small yet they had wooden accents and quite a bit of weight for such a small unit.  Novation, much like Roland has also had their share of smaller portable synth keyboard on the market, but their comparisons to the original Korg models have never been closer.

Novation has unveiled the Bass Station II, and while the look of it has not been altered as many would expect, the internals have received a 21st century update – keeping it present with the times.  Ideas like velocity sensitivity have been built into the keys themselves, which are much more than an off/on unit that we think they are.  They are a bit closer to piano that can express dynamic without having to use additional effects.