April 16, 2013


When it comes to producing sound for any application, there are many companies out there competing for your attention.  We tend to hear to hear of the big names like JBL or QSC, who have been known to create affordable loudspeaker solutions.  On the other hand, there is also a market for more sophisticated smaller speakers which are mainly used in a production or live sound setting.  These types are touted for their noiseless audio and un-boosted sound.  There is also a third genre of speakers that the average consumer has more experience with.  These are computer speakers; the ones that are meant to be placed on your desk, next to your computer monitor.  Although many may think they have no place in the DJ world, there are plenty of young DJ’s who use them when no other solution is available.

Logitech, who makes a slew of peripherals for computer users, such as keyboards, mice, and webcams, also create speakers – and they’re pretty good.  They can certainly be used in a pinch and will provide adequate sound for a smaller environment.  Now they have taken the next step and have created some headphones that can rival many DJ headphones.  How will these fare in the DJ market?